Cannabis Accessory Essentials

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We know the world of cannabis and all that it encompasses is moving faster than most of us care to admit.   Luckily, we’re not even the slightest bit worried as our brand is always up for the challenge of staying at the forefront of the industry with leading products and information about everything cannabis!  […]

The Benefits of Hemp Flower

The 2018 Farm Bill brought about the reclassification of hemp as an agricultural commodity. It also allowed for the industrial production of the plant on a larger scale.    Since then, consumers have become increasingly interested in its multitude of potential health benefits and studied therapeutic uses. To start, hemp is classified as a legal […]

Rolling Techniques for the Cannabis Newcomer

As states continue their legalization trends, more and more people have been exploring all the different and exciting ways of cannabis consumption.    From vaping concentrates and consuming edibles, to dabbing wax, the options are limitless. But, after years of trial and error, it’s hard to beat an old-fashioned joint.    Similarly, as we have […]

Cannabis & Fitness: A Natural Duo

Cannabis has the amazing ability to not only help us physically and spiritually, but also channel our creative sides, overcome anxiety, and the most important thing— it helps many of us to simply just relax.    As consumers, we tend to think solely about the way that we are consuming in a certain moment, and […]

Sustainability in the legal Cannabis & Hemp Industries

The U.S. cannabis and hemp industries have shown a modern resurgence of agriculture and manufacturing.  From cultivation to processing, the industry relies on natural resources. It also relies on rigorous packaging/sustainability requirements.  And unfortunately, like any other large-scale agricultural business, it also creates waste and produces harmful gasses.  In our previous blog, we talked about […]

Why Does ‘Organic’ Matter?

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As we enter another year of adapting to the ever-expanding legal cannabis and hemp markets, the stance of being at the forefront when it comes to leading the charge for the culture in the cannabis industry and its innovation stays the same at JTT. From the rolling papers we use to the way our cannabis […]

Exploring the Many Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

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When it comes to cannabis consumption, the second-most important consideration, after the flower itself, is your method of delivery. Many methods are often overlooked, and many consumers limit their experimentation by using only one or two methods. In our previous blog, we went over the uses and benefits of glass products in the world of […]

The Benefits of Including Glass in Cannabis Products & Accessories

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Adapting to the ever-expanding legal cannabis and hemp market has been one of our favorite challenges here at JTT – and we plan to stay at the forefront of initiating positive change in the cannabis world. Although we’re still in the early stages of a conscious push for consumption and use, we believe all of […]

Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Your choice of rolling papers/wraps can either make or break the experience of puffing on a ‘J’ or a blunt, and having your preferred method of consumption at your disposal will surely make for a smoother smoking experience.  Recently, more and more cannabis-focused, healthier options have been hitting the market, with rice, flax, hemp, and […]

The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick vs. Butane Lighters

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We’re all about conscious consumption when it comes to everything related to puffing prerolls, hand-rolled joints, blunts, and living your best canna-life to the fullest, responsibly. Our team at JTT values real cannabis culture and providing important educational resources to our loyal and future customers.   Whether you’re a cannabis novice or connoisseur, you may […]

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