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We know the world of cannabis and all that it encompasses is moving faster than most of us care to admit.


Luckily, we’re not even the slightest bit worried as our brand is always up for the challenge of staying at the forefront of the industry with leading products and information about everything cannabis! 


With the above in mind, being at this forefront means we’re experts on the best and most recent accessories hot on the market—so, let’s get into it! 


Aside from the necessities (our herb and a favorite piece to use) accessories are the next best thing that can make or break a session and add ease to our everyday routines! 


Follow along for Just The Tip’s indispensable cannabis accessory guide from the conventional everyday needs to the unorthodox essentials for the modern cannabis world. 


Our Essentials For The Ultimate Stoner Kit

  • A clean rolling tray and some high-quality papers are essentials that every pro needs in their arsenal. 


It’s the 21st century—rolling on old books or messy tables with gnarly bleached papers is too old school.


Let’s kick the germs and treat our herb and lungs better with high-quality wraps and papers



  • A plethora of tools and pokers to accompany your rolling sessions at home or something to bring with you on the go will never let you or your friends down. 


For clearing out bowls, packing your wraps tight, or scooping up herb, good pokers, and tools of every size will never lead you astray.



  • Multi-chamber grinders…where do we start on how much of an upgrade a nice metal grinder packed with several chambers for kief collection, sharper teeth for ease of use, made of sturdy material to last for years to come is? 


It would take hours to go over all the benefits…but you get the idea! 



  • Glass Tips & Hemp Wick for cleaner smoking practices need to be talked about more. 


As you know we’re promoters of healthier and more sustainable cannabis practices here at JTT. 


So, naturally, when we consume, we want a better way to combust with hemp wick and a cleaner way to share with luxury glass tips.



Underrated And Unknown Cannabis Gadgets  


  • Lighterbro and Tokerpoker have changed how we look at lighter and tool accessories over the past few years. 


Both are equipped with tools for poking, cutting, opening, and tamping as well as a shield for your lighter (never to be lost again) you’ve got to see it to believe it. 



  • LEGO shovels and tools are something we never imagined using, but then again here we are using our favorite childhood contraptions and pieces to aid our happiness and calm us down again in our adult lives. 


So what are we talking about and how do we use LEGOS? From the smooth plastic shovels to scoop kief all the way to piecing together tools and pokers to our liking, the possibilities are endless for the creative stoner!



  • Although for many of us cannabis remains legal, Secret Stash Options are never a bad idea to keep our fave plant out of reach from family, kids, or even our friends looking to take a quick dip into the personal stash.


The best thing about being sneaky is the plethora of crazy stash combinations. 


From water bottles, and discrete pouches, to smell-proof backpacks and even computer mice, the possibilities are endless. 



The Floret Coalition, Indigenous Roots, and Small Business 

Something important—yes even more important than cannabis accessory essentials is happening this July—Indigenous Roots has joined the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses in the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent space supporting and raising funds and awareness for organizations prioritizing the needs of Black, Latin, and Indigenous communities. 


Through this joining, Indigenous Roots aims to become a bigger Cultural Center as an incubator hub, further develop the Intertribal Cultural Corridor, create local partnerships that drive social justice movements and actions, create workshops for wellness and decolonized learning, and community gatherings focused on promoting, informing, and catalyzing social change through ceremonies, traditional arts, artist residencies, and community events.


These actions speak loudly within our communities and shouting it out to as many of our readers as possible to read and spread means the world to us. Head on over to their sites for further information and how to be a part!

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