Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Your choice of rolling papers/wraps can either make or break the experience of puffing on a ‘J’ or a blunt, and having your preferred method of consumption at your disposal will surely make for a smoother smoking experience. 

Recently, more and more cannabis-focused, healthier options have been hitting the market, with rice, flax, hemp, and even transparent cellulose rolling papers/wraps being produced to contribute to the growing “conscious cannabis consumption” movement.

Rolling Papers & Wraps: The Basics

Firstly, each type of rolling paper and wrap has its own unique characteristics that should surely catch the attention of all kinds of smokers. For example, the thickness, taste, and speed with which it burns are all factors that largely come down to personal taste. 

Traditional ‘old school’ rolling papers are made from wood pulp and, although these papers are known as the easiest and sturdiest to roll with, they’re harsh, burn quickly and most of the time are chemically treated. 

On the other hand, many ‘new school’ papers/wraps are made from such ingredients as hemp, rice, and flax – usually also containing more earth-friendly materials from natural sources, with less harmful additives. 

‘Old School’ Rolling Papers vs. ‘New School’ Papers/Wraps: What’s right for you?

Next, at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you’re personally looking for in your cannabis smoking experience. Let’s now take a look at the most popular current options for ‘old school’ rolling papers and ‘new school’ papers/wraps:

‘Old School’ Papers/Wraps:


  • Wood pulp rolling papers are the most popular papers and can even be blended with other fibers which makes them thicker and easier to handle.
  • Although easier to work with, traditional papers often disguise the natural flavors and aromas and can burn too hot on top of everything else.

‘New School’ Papers/Wraps:


  • The majority of rice papers are made just from processed thinned-out rice, giving no aftertaste when smoking. 
  • Another advantage of rice rolling wraps is that even though they are thin, they’re slow-burning.
  • Apart from this, rice rolling paper requires more effort for rolling joints, especially if you are still learning the craft of rolling.


  • Hemp papers are known to be thin, but sturdy, and easier to roll than other wraps, making them one of the best options for beginners and people that are new to smoking.
  • Hemp is also an ultra-sustainable crop, so it’s a great choice for the environment and the mild taste of the wraps won’t disrupt the natural flavors in your cannabis. 


  • Flax papers are going to give you the best of all worldsㅡthin rice-like  papers, but easy to roll like wood pulp or hemp. Due to their low profile, flax joints will also combust less so you can taste less smoke and more of what you want.

Clear Cellulose

  • Some cellulose papers have been known to give off their “cellulose-y” flavor, others not so much. Although organic, they are ultra-thin, practically invisible, and can be difficult to mold for beginners and tough to use in humid environments.

Do ‘new school’ papers/wraps help elevate the cannabis smoking experience?

Finally, how does a ‘new school’ wrap make the experience of smoking cannabis or hemp better than it already is? Simply put: ‘new school’ papers usually don’t carry tons of additives, allowing you to fully enjoy the full spectrum of flavors from your choice of flower. 

If you’re all for clean cannabis consumption, then the choice is clear: even though ‘old school’ traditional papers are effective and simple, ‘new school’ papers offer an elite smoking experience, are generally less harmful, and leave less of a carbon footprint from their use. 

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