Class Up The Joint

Made with premium glass, our glass filter tips provide a smoother, safer and sexier smoking experience.

The Perfect Glass Blunt Filter for Every Preroll

A hot chillum met a sexy smoke stone and they had a baby. We call this blunt and joint mouthpiece a ‘Chill Stone’, and all smokers need one.

About Our JTT Glass Tips: What is a Chill Stone?

Chill Stones are glass tips that provide a protective barrier between you and your joints. Think of a high-end hookah tip but for your portable smoking devices. It also moonlights as a one-hitter.

Pass joints, not jerms

I was at the Mad Decent Block Party with my little sister in Colorado. I purchased a pre-roll that came with a glass “tip” but it wasn’t your typical “tip”.

No swappin’ spit.
No burnt fingers.
No catchin’ cooties.
No burnt lips.
No harsh smoke.