Premium Glass Joint & Blunt Filter Tips

Class Up The Joint

Made with premium glass, our glass filter tips provide a smoother, safer and sexier smoking experience.

The Perfect Glass Blunt Filter for Every Preroll

A hot chillum met a sexy smoke stone and they had a baby. We call this blunt and joint mouthpiece a ‘Chill Stone’, and all smokers need one.

About Our JTT Glass Tips: What is a Chill Stone?

Chill Stones are glass tips that provide a protective barrier between you and your joints. Think of a high-end hookah tip but for your portable smoking devices. It also moonlights as a one-hitter.

Pass joints, not jerms

Enjoy a natural, filtered smoke with our JTT pre-roll filter tips. Be the most stylish stoner with your handmade, unique glass cigarette holder accessory.


Keep your lip gloss on and poppin’!

No swappin’ spit.
No burnt fingers.
No catchin’ cooties.
No burnt lips.
No harsh smoke.

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