The Benefits of Including Glass in Cannabis Products & Accessories

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Adapting to the ever-expanding legal cannabis and hemp market has been one of our favorite challenges here at JTT – and we plan to stay at the forefront of initiating positive change in the cannabis world. Although we’re still in the early stages of a conscious push for consumption and use, we believe all of this must be done properly in order to be effective.

The Importance of Conscious Recycling and Reuse in Cannabis

Firstly, in our previous blog, we talked about conscious consumption in cannabis. This term encompasses everything that has to do with paying attention to the quality of the specific ways in which you are consuming, and how your consumption is affecting your particular environment and the people around you.

Being aware of our environment and the devices we use to consume cannabis is a big key to following the overall stance of conscious consumption. Therefore, it’s important to have a conscious mindset of the materials we are using and how they affect our environment and the people around us.

Glass: A Big Deal in the World of Conscious Cannabis Consumption

Secondly, why is glass a big deal in the world of conscious cannabis consumption? Glass is a fully recyclable material and we can recycle it over and over endlessly without loss in quality or purity. By properly recycling glass, the benefits that come along with this include reducing carbon emissions, raw material consumption, energy use, and general waste.

The Benefits of Using Glass Jars and Other Glass Containers for Cannabis Packaging

Furthermore, one of the biggest uses of glass in the cannabis industry is the packing and storage of cannabis in glass containers. This glass jar method has a plethora of benefits that we might not think about so much due to it being such a normal place to see our favorite leafy green herbs.

  • Firstly, glass jars offer protection from child access, moisture, and humidity control to keep the product in like-new condition.
  • High-quality glass jars make great concentrate containers by keeping their saucy texture concealed, fresh, and looking good for easy use and access.
  • The use of black glass containers helps to block out UV rays. Storing cannabis in a dark, sealed container at room temperature prevents degradation over time.
  • Among everything else, cleaning and recycling glass jars is simple and sustainable.

Just The Tip Cannabis Accessories – Check out Our Chill Stones!

Finally, glass cannabis accessories are ultra sustainable, and just like the glass storage containers, we can reuse pieces and accessories infinitely with proper care. At JTT all of our products are fully recyclable, portable, and moonlight as one-hitters.

  • Our Luxury Chill Stones are made with premium glass which provides a smoother, safer, and sexier smoking experience.
  • The glass filter tips are sure to be an excellent addition to your smoking swag.
  • You know the mottoㅡNo swappin’ spit. No burnt fingers. No catchin’ cooties. No burnt lips. No harsh smoke.

With the holidays coming up, there’s no better gift for the stylish cannabis connoisseur in your life than our collection of posh Chill Stones. With various exciting designs, an optimal consumption experience is only a few clicks away. So, be sure to treat yourself and your loved ones!


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