The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick vs. Butane Lighters

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We’re all about conscious consumption when it comes to everything related to puffing prerolls, hand-rolled joints, blunts, and living your best canna-life to the fullest, responsibly. Our team at JTT values real cannabis culture and providing important educational resources to our loyal and future customers.


Whether you’re a cannabis novice or connoisseur, you may have heard about or seen someone using ‘hemp wick’ to light their prerolls instead of a traditional butane lighter. In this blog, we’ll compare the two methods and talk about the potential benefits of using hemp wick to ignite your cannabis flower.

What is Hemp Wick?

First, let’s define ‘hemp wick’ – Hemp wick, as its name suggests, is a lengthy piece of twine that is made out of hemp fibers. It’s usually covered in beeswax so that it can act as a lighting agent, known for its reliability and length of burn.

How do I use Hemp Wick?

Next, using hemp wick is easy no matter your favorite smoking device/method. Just simply use a match or lighter to light the end of the wick, and hold it against your flower, preroll, joint or blunt – inhale, and voila!


As hemp wick tends to burn for a while, be sure to pay attention to the flame and put it out when you’re done with your session. Always remember, conscious cannabis consumption is key. 

Hemp Wick: Choosing Natural Sustainability

A major benefit of choosing hemp wicks is that you’re also choosing the more natural solution to your smoking needs than traditional butane lighters. By now, and especially after the passage of the Hemp Bill, people have started to awaken to the incredible potential of hemp to be the more sustainable, environment and soil-enriching crop that can be used in many different ways to help humans live better.

Lighter vs. Hemp Wick: Pros & Cons

However, while both methods are tried-and-true, butane lighters and hemp wick both certainly have their own pros and cons. Here are some things to keep in mind when making the appropriate choice for yourself and your personal canna-lifestyle:

Butane Lighters:

  • Pros: less to carry, cheap & compact, disposable
  • Cons: harmful butane inhalation, hot temps may burn off cannabinoids, usually they’re non-biodegradable

Hemp Wick:

  • Pros: natural & biodegradable, reduced chance of inhaling harmful gases, more flame mobility & reach, makes for a cleaner smoke
  • Cons: adds extra steps to your canna-routine, more expensive and harder to find


So in conclusion, as you can see from the above hemp wick pros, for us at JTT the choice is clear: hemp wick has many benefits over the traditional butane lighter, even if it may perhaps be a bit more expensive and slightly more difficult to acquire. Try it out for yourself!


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