The Benefits of Hemp Flower

The 2018 Farm Bill brought about the reclassification of hemp as an agricultural commodity. It also allowed for the industrial production of the plant on a larger scale. 


Since then, consumers have become increasingly interested in its multitude of potential health benefits and studied therapeutic uses. To start, hemp is classified as a legal and non-psychoactive plant that originates from the Cannabis sativa genus. 


Among its multitude of uses in the legal hemp industry, the plant is becoming popular again for its implementation in textiles, fuel, food, and much more. 


And most importantly— it is becoming popular because it is being utilized therapeutically, in the form of CBD (in oils and flower).


Unfortunately, new consumers who are looking to get into the potential health and wellness benefits of hemp may face some uncertainties when starting their journey. 


Follow along as we outline some key differences and benefits to help you stray away from misinformation and guide you into the future of hemp flower. 


Hemp vs. Marijuana: What is the Difference? 


Firstly, ‘marijuana’ and ‘hemp’ are technically the same plant. They share:

  • the same family (Cannabaceae)
  • the same genus (Cannabis)
  • as well as the same species (Cannabis Sativa)


The differences are found in how they are bred and how they are used. 


In short, perhaps the biggest and most meaningful difference between the two is their THC concentration (hemp only contains trace amounts of this intoxicating compound).


Why is Hemp important?

With legal hemp on the rise, it is essential that we continue to develop a good understanding of its modern-day uses. 


Firstly, hemp farming is among the oldest industries on the planet and has historically been used for its strong fibers. 


These can be used for clothing and textiles, while more recent uses have shown a case for hemp plastics and construction materials. 


Secondly, the seeds from the hemp plant are highly beneficial. They are a great source of nutrients, protein, and high-omega fatty acids. 


Currently, the plant is extracted through various processes that aim to isolate the CBD and the wide range of other compounds from the plant. These are to be used in food and as nutritional supplements.


A Superior Source of CBD

As premium quality CBD hemp flower becomes more readily available, increasing numbers of people are choosing to smoke hemp over other methods of consumption, and for good reason. 


This smokable CBD hemp flower is setting a new standard on the scene. Hemp is providing a superior, more reliable, and more versatile source of CBD.


Hemp plant extraction is the key here. CBD extraction from hemp contains a higher concentration of the cannabinoid without the addition of THC. (When smoked, it provides the effect without the high.)


To continue, CBD is only one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. 


Hemp is especially important for extracting a full-spectrum product (especially if you are in a state where marijuana is illegal) which will include: 

  • all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids
  • terpenes
  • other canna-compounds
  • plant matter


Full-spectrum CBD product is found to be a more natural and efficient source when extracted from hemp, as it contains other beneficial compounds. 


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