Rolling Techniques for the Cannabis Newcomer

As states continue their legalization trends, more and more people have been exploring all the different and exciting ways of cannabis consumption. 


From vaping concentrates and consuming edibles, to dabbing wax, the options are limitless. But, after years of trial and error, it’s hard to beat an old-fashioned joint. 


Similarly, as we have access to more consumption methods, we’re starting to see that some strains actually taste better and are meant to be enjoyed in a joint or wrap. This is where we truly get to see effects and flavors not experienced by other means of consumption.  


Here at JTT, we love to deliver the latest cannabis-related educational content to our readers. When it comes to rolling, you can watch a myriad YouTube videos showing step-by-step info on how to do it properly. But let’s dig deeper. 


Follow along as we provide some of our favorite tips and techniques to apply when you’re rolling your first joint!


What Do You Need to Roll Your Cannabis Flower?


The first step (after you’ve got your favorite herb ground up nicely) is choosing your favorite Rolling Papers or Wraps


Thicker papers are usually better for beginners as they’re more forgiving and will be the more viable option to perfect your craft. 


Next, the materials you use are what can make or break your first roll. We recommend a neatly rolled (organic paper or glass if you can!) crutch or filter to accompany your joint.


Many people also use rolling trays, books, or magazines with a smooth, bright surface so you always have an eye on your herb and it doesn’t get too messy. 


Finishing up: when you’ve got your herb rolled, and if you’re new, packing or poking it tightly within the rolled paper is key to a clean and even burn. 


We recommend the back end of a pen but something similar and small enough will suffice perfectly. Oh, and don’t forget your lighter and hemp wick


Techniques on How to Properly Roll Your Herb:

  • Filter & Crutch Techniques – A Crutch, A.K.A. a Filter, is what’s going to be rolled into the bottom part of your joint. 


These are arguably one of the most important parts of your paper or wrap’s final design and function. 


Usually comprised of a folded and rolled piece of paper material, cigarette filter, or a glass hookah tip—these help to filter some smoke and access material that comes from your smoke. 


Some stick these filters in before they wrap their joint, while others put them in after. The key is to make it tight against the inner wall of the paper or wrap so it doesn’t fall out.    


  • Less wet is better but moisture is key – Before you carry out the sacred act of rolling and forming your joint, you’re going to want to make sure of two things:


First, that your herb is fresh and moist (as this will help you to better achieve the shape of your joint). Dry herb full of stems and seeds will be almost impossible to roll for a beginner and it won’t taste very good either. 


Secondly, something to remember when you are folding the paper: you need to lick it in order for it to stick together, kind of like licking an envelope. 


But, since rolling papers are often much thinner than a regular envelope – don’t drown it in saliva, or else you might compromise the shape and structure of your final product. 


  • Rolling & Catching the Paper or Wrap – Although a little more complicated to explain, this step is better learned through practice. The form of the joint is important in regards to the quality and length of the burn. 


As most papers are folded in half to make it easier for the roller, your next step is to evenly distribute the herb so your final product is straight and even. 


When folding, it’s best to pinch and roll with two hands like you’re massaging the material with the tips of your fingers into a tube. The most important part is ‘catching’ the paper. 


For example, when you get the first lip rolled over the herb, you can then continue to roll the paper into a tube to achieve its shape and then catch and lick the sticky side. 


Always remember: don’t rush it, be calm, and have patience! Video references are always great and every time you do it is a step towards perfection.


Another Great Time-Saving Option: Joint Rollers


Not feelin’ like going through the process? Short on time? Got a lot of flower to roll up? Not to worry, because there’s a great time-saving option out there that solves all of these problems: implementing a joint roller. 


These handy devices have been around for a long time, and are an excellent addition to any smoker’s puffing toolkit. So whether you’re on-the-go or prepping for a party, take one of these popular joint rollers out for a spin!


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