Today’s Hottest Natural Rolling Papers

Throughout time, the ways in which we consume cannabis, as well as people’s attitude towards the plant have certainly gone through an evolution. One of the only things that have stayed consistent: the widespread and enduring use of rolling papers by consumers of all types.


Fact: every smoker has a preference. It’s also safe to say that rolling paper preferences aren’t going to be the same for everyone. Some love an old-school Zig-Zag while others might enjoy a more natural experience. 


Luckily, there are many different papers for every cannabis user out there, as you’ll learn in this blog. 


Whether you’re looking for totally new papers to try or are just starting to get into more natural options, we’ve got you covered with our favorites.


How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best Natural Papers?

Firstly before we start our list, it’s important to pay attention to what your rolling papers are made out of.

Materials Matter

Most papers are usually made out of hemp, wood pulp, or rice. These materials play a huge role in how papers taste, their burn speed, whether they’ll stay lit for long, and how hard they will be to roll. 


For example, rice rolling papers may be harder to roll if you live in a damp area with high moisture, like the PNW. 


Hemp papers are always thicker and easier to roll, with a medium/average burn time, while rice paper tends to burn the slowest. 


On the other hand, here at JTT we tend to avoid papers that are bleached and contain chemicals, such as calcium carbonate or chlorine. These chemicals make papers more toxic.  


Is Thinner Always Better?

Although harder to roll, thinner papers deliver a slower, more even burn when toking. 


In addition, thinner papers allow for your herb’s flavor to be more noticeable, since you won’t be inhaling as much excess material. 


Keep in mind: ultra thin papers are also extremely popular, however, they may be more difficult for a canna-novice to roll.


It’s Alright to Splurge for Quality 

Furthermore, although the price margin between lower and higher-quality papers is narrow, paying that extra dollar for something more ‘natural’ is always justifiable. 


Lower-grade, bleached papers will yield a low-quality roll, and will waste herb by burning faster.


The Hottest Rolling Papers on the Market in 2022

Now that we’ve got a little more rolling paper knowledge under our belts, let’s get right into the hottest natural papers on the market. 


1. OCB Premium Line Papers 

You can’t pick just one OCB paper to talk about without mentioning their whole product line. 


From bamboo to brown rice, to organic hemp papers, OCB Organic papers will be for anyone who prefers a totally natural experience. 


OCB papers are known to be easy rollin’ and consistently sticky. They use 100% Natural Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO-Free.


2. Vibes Rolling Papers

Vibes papers feature natural hemp or rice versions that deliver a clean-burning, consistent smoke. 


These ultra-thin papers are cultivated in France and are great for smokers looking for an elevated flavor experience. 


Coming up on the current market, these papers are making a name for their slow-burning, vibey characteristics.  


3. RAW Black Organic Hemp Papers

Released in celebration of 16 years of RAW, these Organic Hemp papers are some of the thinnest, slowest-burning unbleached hemp papers on the market. 


RAW credits itself for the special care they put into each leaf so it burns very slow. This in turn preserves everything we love about cannabis. 


Marketed for expert smokers, these papers are made from natural hemp and water. They’re finished with sustainably harvested organic gum made from Acacia tree sap. 


4. Blazy Susan ‘Famous’ Pink Rolling Papers

Blazy Suzan Rolling Papers are made in France using premium materials. They deliver a high-quality slow burn with no aftertaste. 


Vegan and health-conscious consumers rejoice! 


5. Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Papers 

Old school vibes are strong here. Everything about Zig-Zag Organic Hemp papers is just as mother nature intended. 


These papers are derived from hemp ingredients that offer an unrefined, pure smoking experience. 


All of their natural papers are organic, 100% vegan, and non-GMO.


6. Bouqé Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 

Last but certainly not least — Bouqé — pronounced “Bouquet” (Boo-Kay) are organic hemp rolling papers for the cannabis connoisseur who wishes to taste flower, not paper. 


They’re made for the people, by the people. Be sure to also check out their stylish rolling trays and remember: “Always Practice Safe Sesh!”


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