Just The Tip: An Introduction to our Brand

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Here at Just The Tip Accessories, we’re proud to provide our customers with a smoother, safer and sexier smoking experience. No matter the situation, our Chill Stones are the perfect, easy-to-use companion to your canna-adventures, whether you’re setting out to explore nature, enjoying some mellow music with your best buds, or just winding down after a rough workday. We’re here to be your perfect match for any preroll!


We’re excited about the amazing possibilities of legal hemp and cannabis, as well as the future of our brand. Keep reading as we take you through our beginnings and the basics of what makes JTT your ideal choice for a chill, vibe-filled smoking experience.

Just The Tip: The Heady Beginnings of Our Brand

As many other great stories tend to begin, our tale starts at the Mad Decent Block Party at one of the most famous venues in the entire country (and quite possibly the planet) — Red Rocks Amphitheater. Our founder, Mary Hines, was enjoying the music and beautiful Colorado atmosphere with her younger sister when she happened to chance upon a pre-roll that came with a glass tip. 


Automatic associations and flashbacks to great times smoking hookahs got her thinking, well, “What exactly do we use the hookah tip for? That’s right, a Disposable Mouthguard!”  And that, as they say, was ‘history’ — the idea for Chill Stones was spawned.

Discovering Chill Stones

You might be asking, “What is a Chill Stone?” A Chill Stone is what happened when a smooth-talkin’ hot chillum met a sensual, sexy smoke stone. They hit it off and had themselves a baby. We named it: the Chill Stone. With the easy-to-use functionality of a smoke stone, and the stylishness of the chillum: welcome to a new era of puffing; a new, cleaner, safer cannabis/hemp smoking accessory.


Our Chill Stones come in a variety of diverse options, including: Amber Ambiance, Ghost Trimmed Onyx, Milky Way, & Teal Dreamz, just to name a few.

Why Should I Choose JTT Chill Stones?

With so many smoking accessories out there — when you choose our Chill Stones — you’re choosing:

A Cootie-Less Smoking Experience

Something that is of utmost importance in 2021, now you don’t have to share germs with ANYONE!


No longer do you have to worry about burning your fingers & lips!


Worrying about ruining your long, pretty nails or messing up your lip gloss will fade away to become a worry of the past!


…and in a pinch, our Chill Stones can double as a chillum!

About our Just The Tip Products

We’ve got so much more for the savvy stoner than just our stellar Chill Stones. Here are some of our other current offerings that are sure to be an excellent addition to your smoking swag:


  • Our Blissful Blooming Bundle includes: 1 Chill Stone & complimentary chain, 1 hemp wick lighter dispenser, a 6-pack of 1 ¼ organic hemp cones, & 2 prosperity bill scoopers.
  • Our Lēf Collection includes: 1 Lēf chill stone and complimentary chain, 1 hemp wick lighter dispenser, a 6-pack of 1 ¼ organic hemp cones, & 2 prosperity bill scoopers.

Blinged-Out Chill Stones

  • As the name suggests, these Chill Stones are for the stylish stoner who wants that extra ‘oomph’ in their smoking accessories.



Stay tuned to our Blog Page for more content about our brand, our products, and vital information about everything associated with smoking, rolling, cannabis/hemp & much more. 

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