Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Wraps & Rolling Papers: Old School vs. New School

Your choice of rolling papers/wraps can either make or break the experience of puffing on a ‘J’ or a blunt, and having your preferred method of consumption at your disposal will surely make for a smoother smoking experience.  Recently, more and more cannabis-focused, healthier options have been hitting the market, with rice, flax, hemp, and […]

The Benefits of Using Hemp Wick vs. Butane Lighters

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We’re all about conscious consumption when it comes to everything related to puffing prerolls, hand-rolled joints, blunts, and living your best canna-life to the fullest, responsibly. Our team at JTT values real cannabis culture and providing important educational resources to our loyal and future customers.   Whether you’re a cannabis novice or connoisseur, you may […]

JTT Guide to Conscious Cannabis Consumption

The arrival of cannabis and hemp into the mainstream has been a long time coming, and as the ‘green era’ begins to really take shape, here at JTT Accessories we plan to be at the forefront when it comes to leading the charge for cannabis industry culture and innovation. We believe in the potential of […]

Just The Tip: An Introduction to our Brand

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Here at Just The Tip Accessories, we’re proud to provide our customers with a smoother, safer and sexier smoking experience. No matter the situation, our Chill Stones are the perfect, easy-to-use companion to your canna-adventures, whether you’re setting out to explore nature, enjoying some mellow music with your best buds, or just winding down after […]

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