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The J.T.T Story (Just The Tip)

I was at the "Mad Decent Block Party" with my little sister in Colorado. I purchased a pre-roll that came with a glass "tip" but it wasn't your typical "tip".

The pre-roll was inserted in the tip. It reminded me of a hookah tip. Then the gears started turning…..we use hookah tips for what???

So we don't spread germs as we share with our friends and sometimes strangers. I finally came to accept that I'm a functional stoner and in this culture of sharing I wondered why there wasn't anything like this to protect us from our friends germs. OK so back to Red Rock…I'm smoking this pre-roll that came with this throw away glass tip. I want something prettier!! I want a pretty glass tip I can smoke out of all the time.

On the spot I come up with the slogan…"SHARE FASHIONABLY SHARE RESPONSIBLY"!!

I personally can’t stand that by the time the pre-roll or non-pre roll gets to me it's a little moist…EWWW!!

I need a pretty protective barrier between my lips and any possible germs that are unknowingly being passed around.

OK time to get with a glass blower and design this thing out……many many many many MONTHS...a year later and what felt like a snails pace we have a functional design that I think people can appreciate. You don't need a filter, it acts as a natural filter! Much appreciation to Mouse, Babe, my Urban Hippie Family, my good friend Eric and Krystal!! All my sexy germ conscious smokers can appreciate the following PROS:

  • NO more cooties!!! We can still puff puff pass without that immediate fear of germville even from the people you trust the most.
  • NO more burning our fingers.
  • NO more trying to hold on for dear life between pinched fingers because of our long pretty nails.
  • NO more burning your lips, if your that person that like to get the last little bit…lol
  • Enjoy a natural filtered smoke 
  • Keep your lip gloss on and poppin!
  • Be the most stylish stoner with your handmade, unique accessory.

Ok so now I have my product but how do I brand it?? I'm an inappropriate person so in the words of my fav comedian (Will Farrell)  I needed something provocative to "GET THE PEOPLE GOING!!!". A star was born… JUST THE TIP LLC..AKA J.T.T.

A hot chillum came along and found a sexy smoke stone. They had a baby, we'll call it Chill Stone. Genetically we have the sleekness of a chillum with the functionality of a smoke stone. So here we are, welcome my fellow smokers!!! I hope you find this product meets your needs.

Patent pending.